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HyperVM  OS Templates

Now with TouchVPS you have full support for HyperVM a wide range of os templates for your VPSNode , a free ICON Package to replace the HyperVM default icons (find it under free services menu), Best templates OpenVZ/Xen Templates.

SolusVM OS Templates

With TouchVPS Support and SolusVM OS Templates you can make your customers happy because they can install any control panel,game panel with just a click because TouchVPS Team has made this dream to become a part of your server day by day..

Why TouchVPS™ OS Templates? 

With TouchVPS Templates users get access to their applications and panels with just a click, our specials tools like cpanelmenu ,toolmenu has been made to offer best and easy management via ssh with just a type of one command and nothing more. Get toolmenu with anytemplate or cpanelmenu with any cPanel/WHM OS Template. 

Free TouchVPS™ Services

With TouchVPS™ you can download and use our free services such as : Os templates , toolmenu , cpanelmenu , and many more are available under menu FreeTouchVPS Services..

What is Xen?

Xen is a virtual machine monitor (VMM) for x86-compatible computers. Xen can securely execute multiple virtual machines, each running its own OS, on a single physical system with close-to-native performance.

Premium Support and Management 

TouchVPS Offer best Support and Management plans available to your VPS Node , we will manage and support you and your customers with a cost of incredible price , browse our services products and find out what is the best for you and what are the needs of your dedicated VPSNode.

What is OpenVZ?

OpenVZ is an operating system-level virtualization technology based on the Linux kernel and operating system. OpenVZ allows a physical server to run multiple isolated operating system instances, known as containers, Virtual Private Servers (VPSs), or Virtual Environments (VEs). It is similar to FreeBSD Jails and Solaris Zones.

Software Products

TouchVPS Offer a wide large of comercial products like cPanel/WHM , DirectAdmin , Plesk , VIrtuozzo, and many more with addons like Fantastico, WHMSonic, Zamfoo, with our Special Product Prices you can get your cPanel/WHM or other Products to a special Price.

VPS Protect

Is your customers non Protected? are you in need for security protection? ddos protection? with TouchVPS your search stop here, TouchVPS Offers a wide large plans for DDOS Protection for your VPS's and Security Protection for your VPSNode checkout our Product Protect Services


History -

This company has been create to offer xen and openvz os templates in 2008 , after one year of working the old owner has been sold this company to a new company, as you can see our company after 2 year from when we own this company we triple the services we added many features , more staff's and more to come , we are going to continue the work and offer you the best services, there are many more to be writed down however now we have not the time for that , we will promise to update this with more of our company history soon.