Asterisk Configuration

Asterisk Configuration

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Product Information

Asterisk Configuration for Hosting Company.

We will setup:

1 , SIP Configuration to allow you to call:

- call to external phone number (if sip provider allows it).

- call from extension 200 to extension 210 220 230 etc... INTERNAL call .

- incomming calling.

2. Voice Menu Configuration:

Setup SIP Menu with Hosting name example:

Thank you for calling to Hosting Company Name

For sales press 1

For support press 2

For Billing press 3

For Abuse press 4

To leave an voice mail press 5


3. Configuration for extension and users including download for software which operator will connect.

4. Configuration if menu is press 1 and there is no available operator so the call will be sent to the mobile or landline , or redirected to mailbox.

All calls will be recorded + mailbox will be setup.

Product Code ASTU13

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