Windows 2016- Trial- KVM

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Windows 2016- Trial- KVM

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Product Information

Windows 2012 - Standard - KVM64

Size: 6.9 GB

Generation 2 template hdd can be resize .

Connect via Remote Desktop

Username: Administrator

Password: o28oq78n! (ask customer to setup a new password) or O28OQ78N!

How to Install?
Step 1.   login to our site click download on your product page.(or ask for wget link sales(at)
Step 2.   login to your master solusvm server.
Step 2.1. use command: touch /home/solusvm/kvm/template/template-name.gz
Step 3.   upload the template to your KVM Slave into the folder /home/solusvm/kvm/template
Step 4.   login to SolusVM Panel go to Media > Add KVM Template.
Step 4.1. Enter Template name.
Step 4.2. Enter Template description.
Step 4.3. Select Generation Version : 1.
Step 4.4. Select the template name. (ex: windows.gz)
Step 4.5. Status : Active.
Step 4.6. Arch : x86_64 (64bits).
Step 4.7. Disk driver ide/ in case of errors switch to virtio.
Step 4.8. at password enter "o28oq78n!" O28OQ78N!
Step 4.9. Change Root/Admin Password. -  leave blank
Step 4.10. Tick Configure Networking.
Step 4.11. Partition # to Resize : 1 in case of error enter 2
Step 4.12. Swap Partition # : 2 in case of error enter 1
Step 5 Click Add Template.

Product Code WINWH2NH66
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